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S9E1 Missing Votes

Why many college students’ ballots are getting tossed — and what could be done about it.

S8E8 Goodbye, Cloud Factory

Climate Change Solutions Series 8: What the closing of a Chicago power plant did and didn’t meant for one community.

S8E7 Climate Migration: Why People Leave and What Might Help Them Stay

Climate Change Solutions Series 7: Addressing the hidden role that climate plays in the story of migration.

S8E6 The Tiny Packaging Tweak That Could Help The Planet

Climate Change Solutions Series 6: How better food date labels might make a real impact on the climate. 

S8E5 Bringing Water to Thirsty Fields With Help From the Sun

Climate Change Solutions Series 5: New research into the power of using solar mini-grids to farm.

S8E4 How Cleaner Cookstoves Can Help Build a Healthier Planet

Climate Change Solutions Series 4: How upgrading stoves for people in the developing world could improve lives and fight climate change.

S8E3 Greener Pastures: The search for climate-friendly ways to raise animals.

Climate Change Solutions Series 3: Can we find a better way to raise animals as food and help the planet at the same time?

S8E2 Getting Strategic with Solar

Climate Change Solutions Series 2: how to get the best bang for our buck when it comes to solar incentives.

S8E1 Paying for a Healthy Planet

Climate Change Solutions Series 1: Research from Colombia, Africa and China illustrates how economics can help slow deforestation and combat the climate crisis.

S7 Debugger Podcast Series: Defending Democracy (and Us!) From Big Tech

New season of the Ways & Means podcast features a three-part series, Defending Democracy (and Us!) from Big Tech. Series is guest-produced by the Debugger podcast in partnership with Duke Cyber Policy program.

S6E6 Live Finale

Arc of Justice series finale. Listen in on a live conversation about reparations for African Americans with some of today’s top advocates. How would the debt be calculated? Who would qualify? What methods might work? Would reparations fix racial inequality?

S6E5: White Brutality

Arc of Justice series episode 5: Throughout the nation’s history, promising signs of Black American progress have been shattered by acts of violence serving the interests of white supremacy.

S6E4: Whitening the Middle Class

Arc of Justice series episode 4: The G.I. Bill was a conveyor belt into the middle class for millions of white WWII veterans, but many Black veterans were excluded and subsequent generations continue to feel the effects.

S6E3: A Tale of Two Cities

Arc of Justice series episode 3: How U.S. government policies promoted racial segregation and hindered Black home ownership – and how that relates to wealth.

S6E2: This Land is My Land

Arc of Justice series episode 2: A tale of two promises made by the government — one kept, one broken — that helps explain the existing wealth gap between Black and white Americans.

S6E1: Not So Long Ago

Arc of Justice series episode 1: Today, white households in Boston have a median net worth of about $247,000. The median net worth of a Black household in Boston is $8. We talk about why this is, and what can be done about it.

Announcing Season 6 Series ARC of Justice

The Arc of Justice brings to life the themes from the award-winning book From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century by Duke Sanford professor William A. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen.

Live Event: Climate Whistleblowers

Special live event features Hilton Kelley.He won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

S5E6 Reparations: How it Could Happen

The question of whether and how to compensate descendants of people formerly enslaved in the United States has hung over the country since the end of the Civil War. It’s getting new traction in the 2020 election, and now a Duke researcher has assembled a team to determine how such a program could be enacted.

S5E5 Secrets of Great Political Leadership

What makes a great leader during a deeply divided time? Explore some of the surprising strategies that made Nelson Mandela’s leadership work.

S5E4 When Local News Dries Up

A look at why local news is struggling, why that matters for democracy and what can be done about it.

S5E3 The Battle Over Guns in America – What’s Changed

How did the gun control movement become a force in American politics — after being overshadowed for so long by the NRA? In a word: money. Listen:

S5E2 Why Young People Don’t Vote – And How to Change That

In this episode: why so few young people in the U.S. vote and what can be done about it.

S5E1 How Afterschool Programs Can Empower Parents

In this episode: research into how government-funded afterschool programs for poor families are empowering politically motivated parents.

S4E6 Beyond Elmo: How Puppets Teach Preschoolers Self-Control

New research into how to best help children control themselves in the classroom.

S4E5: Answering New Parents’ Cries for Help

Go inside an innovative, free public program that helps new moms and dads adjust to life with a newborn.

S4 Episode 4: Adding Up the Bill for Climate Change

Who will take the hardest hit financially as the world heats up, and can anything be done about it?

S4 Episode 3: A Small Green Idea to Power Rural Nepal

come along on a trek into the Himalayas to investigate why a promising way to deliver electricity to those who need it, the micro-hydro minigrid, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

S4 Episode 2: A Greener Commute: One City’s Story

Using behavioral economics to nudge commuters into leaving their cars behind.

S4 Episode 1: How Parenthood Affects Climate Change Skeptics

Explore new research into how to overcome partisanship when it comes to belief about climate change.

S3 Episode 6: Life After Loss for Orphans in Africa

A research team is testing a novel new approach to helping orphans in Kenya get mental healthcare.

S3 Episode 5: Childbirth, Babies & Bonuses

New research on how providing incentives for doctors in the developing world might help more women survive childbirth.

S3 Episode 4: How Sputnik Sent Women to College

How the authors of the National Defense Education Act turned politics of crisis into a law that opened the door to college for millions of American women.

S3 Episode 3 How Do Criminals Get Their Guns?

Learning about how criminals actually get their guns could lead to a change in how law enforcement does its job.

S3 Episode 2: Robots, WikiLeaks & The Fight Against Human Trafficking

There’s evidence that diplomacy and public shaming are helping shine a light on a problem that depends on secrecy to survive: human trafficking.

S3 Episode 1: Slum Detectives

How researchers are using Google Earth to find the undocumented slums of India.

S2 Episode 7: Secret Life of Muslims

How hyper-vigilance about the possible threat of Muslim-American violence might be making all Americans less safe.

S2 Episode 6: Flimflams, Scams and Ripoffs

Why fraud has been a key feature of American business from the beginning.

S2 Episode 5: Bootstraps and Silver Spoons

New research on the difficulties some people face to gain wealth, even when they do everything right.

S2 Episode 4: 7 Concerns About Teens and Phones, Unwrapped

Are the major concerns parents have about teens and their mobile devices justified?

S2 Episode 3: Crazy Districts, Lopsided Elections

What reformers across the nation are doing to combat gerrymandering and restore the power of your vote.

S2 Episode 2: Who is White?

“Whiteness” in America – how it’s changed, what it means, and how it may be changing still.

S2 Episode 1: Can Government Really Change?

What gets in the way of change in government, and what we need to know about ourselves to make something new work.

Episode 5: The Extraordinary Search for Ordinary Politicians

Exploring the vexing issue of how to get more ordinary people to run for office.

Episode 4: Sugar Fix

How yesterday’s war on tobacco is shaping today’s war on sugar.

Episode 3: Women in Politics, A Shout or a Whisper?

How women gained a political voice in the U.S. and then – in some ways – lost it.

Episode 2: A Beautiful Death

Why asking seniors what they really want when they’re dying could lead – surprisingly – to cost-savings for big government systems.

Episode 1: Pants on Fire

A new movement of reporters is going to great lengths to ensure we the people know the truth, especially when it comes to politics.