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S8E6 The Tiny Packaging Tweak That Could Help The Planet

In this episode of the Ways & Means podcast: kicking America’s multi-billion-dollar food waste habit. How tons of wasted food contribute to climate change, and how one simple change – better food date labels – just might help make a dent in the problem.

This is the sixth episode in our “Climate Change Solutions” series, where we look at research-based ideas to help cool a rapidly heating planet.




Thank you

Thanks to all of the students in Alison Jones’ Introduction to Podcasting class which is offered by the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy at Duke, including the students you heard reporting in this episode:

  • Bella Larsen
  • Damla Ozdemir
  • David Gust
  • Kate Brownstein
  • Kelly Torres
  • Maddie McCorkle
  • Parker Davis

Duke student Joy Liu designed the artwork for the season.

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. Find out more about the Duke Climate Commitment.