Ways & Means is a podcast that features bright ideas for how to improve society. The show is produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

Host Emily Hanford is a senior correspondent covering education for APM Reports (formerly American RadioWorks), the documentary and investigative reporting unit of American Public Media. Emily has worked in public media for more than two decades as a reporter, producer, editor and program host.

Carol Jackson is the digital communications strategist at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Previously, Carol spent many years with the public radio show The Story with Dick Gordon, where she served as Managing Editor and interim Senior Producer. Prior to turning to radio, Carol spent many years in public television.

Alison Jones is an award winning writer and independent producer. Her work has been featured on All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Her radio documentary “Mine Enemy: The Story of German POWs in America” aired nationally on public radio stations in 2014. A former staff writer for the Raleigh News & Observer, Alison has also reported on the Carolinas for Time Magazine.

Karen Kemp is one of the founding producers of Ways & Means, which she launched when she was assistant dean for communications for the Sanford School. Karen was a newspaper reporter and editor in three states and Washington, D.C., before leading the communications team that opened the new N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, N.C.

James Morrison hosts many of our “Ways & Means shorts” stories for public radio. James is an award-winning broadcast reporter and field producer currently working for the NPR show 1A. His stories have aired on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now, The World and multiple public radio member stations. He’s also helped launch several podcasts, including iHeartMedia’s true crime show Hell and Gone.

Hunter Stark is an associate producer and the digital content production fellow for the Sanford School of Public Policy. Hunter graduated from Duke University in 2019 with a degree in Visual & Media Studies. Previously, Hunter shot a personal documentary with assistance from the Benenson Award for the Arts from Duke University.

Matthew Majsak is an associate producer. Matt is an undergraduate student at Duke University. He works as a communications assistant for the Sanford School of Public Policy where he is the lead associate producer for the Policy 360 podcast. He previously worked as a communications associate for a New York City based non-profit, as well editor-in-chief for an online platform for political dialogue that reached hundreds of youth in the U.S. and internationally.

Rae Hsu is creating episode art for Season 5. Rae is a Duke University undergraduate. She is skilled in design, photography and illustration. Explore her website.

Katherine M. Zhou created our website design, logo and episode art through season 2. Cristina Garcia Ayala created the art for season 3. Melissa Carrico created the art for season 4.

A fan of the show, a student from Duke University, created this video for us!