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Ways & Means is produced by Carol Jackson and Alison Jones of the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

Season 7

Season 7 of Ways & Means was produced by the team behind the Debugger podcast, and hosted by Bob Sullivan. Bob is a veteran journalist and the author of five books including two New York Times best sellers. He has won a Peabody award among other honors. In addition to Debugger, he co-hosts the podcast / audio documentary “Breach“ and hosts AARP’s The Perfect Scam podcast.

Season 6

Host Lindsay Foster Thomas is a multi-platform journalist and audio storyteller. She is currently Content Director for North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC). Previously she was part of the national production team at WAMU in Washington that launched NPR’s 1A with Joshua Johnson.

Producers: Carol Jackson, Alison Jones, Malu Frasson Nori, Candace Manriquez Wrenn, Stacia Brown, Matthew Majsak (Duke student)

Seasons 1-5

Host Emily Hanford is a senior correspondent covering education for APM Reports, the documentary and investigative reporting unit of American Public Media. Emily has worked in public media for more than two decades as a reporter, producer, editor and program host.

Producers: Carol Jackson, Karen Kemp, Alison Jones, Hunter Stark.