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Public Radio

woman, smiling
Lindsay Foster Thomas, Host, Arc of Justice
Credit Ben McKeown

APM Presents: Arc of Justice

American Public Media picked up the four-part Arc of Justice project, and is offering it to public radio stations via APM Presents. Episodes can stand alone or be aired as a series. Broadcast Window: May 24, 2022 – Sept 6, 2022

Radio Series: The Arc of Justice

in 2021, Ways & Means collaborated with WUNC/North Carolina Public Radio to create a series of four hour-long public radio episodes based on the podcast miniseries The ARC of Justice. The series is hosted by Lindsay Foster Thomas.

Radio Series: Ways & Means Presents

In 2020, Ways & Means collaborated with WUNC on four hour-long episodes, “Ways & Means Presents.” The series premiered on the talk show The State of Things and was hosted by Anita Rao. Episodes include:

  1. Ways & Means Presents: Green Ideas
  2. Ways & Means Presents: What We Can All Learn From the Ways Kids Think, Feel and Cope
  3. Ways & Means Presents: The Social Issues That Stump Us
  4. Ways & Means Presents: Sealing the Cracks in Our Democracy

We also offer Ways & Means Shorts, four-minute stories that are based on podcast episodes but designed for public radio broadcast. Episodes hosted by journalists Emily Hanford and James Morrison are available on PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.