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Press & Awards

2022 CASE Awards

Winner, National, Bronze Circle of Excellence Award (Podcast, occasional) for Arc of Justice, From Here to Equality

4/13/2022 Gracie Award

Winner, Series (Radio Non-Commercial Local) for Arc of Justice, From Here to Equality

9/23/2020 National Association of Science Writers

Honorable Mention, 2020 Excellence in Institutional Writing Award for A Green Idea to Power Rural Nepal

6/27/2020 Hyperallergic

Weekend Required Reading: Reparations: How it Could Happen

8/2019 The New Republic

The article Millennial Parents are Failing Their Children featured our episode: How Parenthood Affects Climate Change Skeptics

2019 CASE Awards

2/2018 – NPR One

How Criminals Get Their Guns was featured in the NPR One app.

2/2018 Working @ Duke Magazine

Featured in the article, “New Ways to Tell a Story.” “Now in its third season, the podcast combines faculty research, compelling human stories and nuanced sound design, to give Sanford’s scholarly output a new, approachable platform.”

2018 CASE Awards

11/17 The News & Observer

“…carefully crafted and professionally produced…” Read article >>

9/2017 Duke Chronicle

Featured in the article, How the Podcast Movement Has Taken Duke

8/2017 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Ways & Means producers wrote this article: 10 Things We Learned Producing a Podcast at a University 

7/2017 The News & Observer

“Produced by a veteran team of public policy experts and journalists, ‘Ways & Means’ probes and pokes at the ongoing experiment that is American democracy.” Read article >>

6/2017 BOLD

Featured in the “Podcasts Worth Hearing” series.

2/2017 iTunes review

“As a public policy analyst, this podcast gives me hope when I feel burnt out and challenges me to think about how the greatest good can be achieved for the greatest number of people…”

1/2017 iTunes review

“I have a new, favorite podcast: Ways & Means, produced at Duke. Engaging and intelligent programs about public policy.”

11/16 Scene on Radio podcast / Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

“Illuminating stuff, check it out.”

8/2016 Sampler podcast / Gimlet Media

5/2016 iTunes review

“The show does a great job of taking a complex issue and using real people’s stories to illustrate the problems and possible solutions.”

5/2016 Decode DC podcast / Scripps

“We came across a fantastic new podcast…”