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ARC of Justice live
Throughout history, the U.S. and other countries have paid reparations to a wide range of people and groups, for a variety
illustration of a city burning
Throughout the nation’s history, time and again, promising signs of African American progress have been shattered by acts of violence
Time and again, the route to upward mobility in American society has been blocked for African Americans. Consider the GI Bill,
Wall with pretty suburban houses on far side, Keep Out sign on near side. Black woman looking at both
How the Federal Government Promoted Housing Segregation and Thwarted Black Home Ownership Home ownership played an important role in how
Illustration - man behind mule, farming
The Racial Wealth Gap’s Roots in Federal Policy The promise of “40 acres and a mule” officially was made in
quilt Arc of Justice Premiere
One Nation Under Slavery White households in Boston have a median net worth of about $247,000 dollars.  The median net
New series the arc of justice from here to equality, smiling man and woman
The ARC of Justice: From Here to Equality The Ways & Means podcast series ARC of Justice responds to the
Man with smokestacks in distance. Climate Whistleblowers live event
The Ways & Means podcast​ team hosted the live Climate Whistleblowers event as a part of Duke Energy Week 2020.
Black and white American flag background, brown hand with chain. Chain is broken at wrist. Chain turns into coins in the palm
The question of whether and how to compensate descendants of people formerly enslaved in the United States has hung over
Painting of Nelson Mandela
What makes a great leader during a deeply divided time? And what can we learn from one of the most
newsstand in the desert with the words "closed"
A look at why local news is struggling, why that matters for democracy and what can be done about it.
NRA and protestors seeing to block guns
On this episode of Ways and Means we ask – how did the gun control movement become a force in
There’s a big gap between young Americans’ intention to vote and the chance that they will actually do it. In
Research into how government-funded afterschool programs for poor families are empowering politically motivated parents. Features Chicago and Durham, NC programs.
Ways & Means podcast Election 2020 new season. bonus episodes: coversations with Polis Research director Deondra Rose
Season 5 of Ways & Means is dedicated to issues in U.S. politics, civic life and hot topics in the
New research into how to best help children control themselves in the classroom.
We go inside an innovative, free public program that helps new moms and dads adjust to life with a newborn.
Menu: Climate Change Cafe. anything with "clams" marked off as unavailable. Hot & sunny, 89 degrees
Who will take the hardest hit financially as the world heats up, and can anything be done about it?
Mountains, river, night time, houses with lights, and powerlines leading to them
A research team from Duke University treks into the Himalayas to investigate why a promising way to deliver electricity to
city skyline, sky that goes from fark to light. Foreground is a car, bus, bike and feet.
Using behavioral economics to nudge commuters into leaving their cars behind.
red sunglasses with elephants. Groovy sunglasses with wind turbines and trees, Blue sunglasses with donkeys.
Explore new research into how to overcome partisanship when it comes to belief about climate change.
icons of weather and things, moving from yellow to purple to green to grays
Season 4 launches with a miniseries featuring policy ideas for understanding and dealing with our changing climate.
CASE Award of Excellence Seal
Ways & Means wins CASE Award for the second year in a row.
A research team is testing a novel new approach to helping orphans in Kenya get mental healthcare.
New research on how providing incentives for doctors in the developing world might help more women survive childbirth. (Malur, India.)
How the authors of the National Defense Education Act turned politics of crisis into a law that opened the door
Learning about how criminals actually get their guns could lead to a change in how law enforcement does its job.
There’s evidence that diplomacy and public shaming are helping shine a light on a problem that depends on secrecy to
How researchers are using Google Earth to find the undocumented slums of India.
How hyper-vigilance about the possible threat of Muslim-American violence might be making all Americans less safe.