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S8E4 How Cleaner Cookstoves Can Help Build a Healthier Planet

In this episode of Ways & Means  – how upgrading stoves for people in the developing world could bring about a double win: improving people’s lives while making a big contribution to fighting climate change. We follow along with Duke Professor Subhrendu Pattanayak on a research trip to rural Kenya, and are invited into people’s homes to see how they cook, and what might make them change their methods.

This is the fourth in our series Climate Change Solutions, a look at surprising answers to the question of what we can do to help cool a rapidly heating planet.


  • Subhrendu Pattanayak, Oak Foundation Distinguished Professor of Environmental and Energy Policy, Duke Sanford School of Public Policy


Thank you

Duke student Joy Liu designed the artwork for the season.

Season 8 of Ways & Means is made possible thanks to support from the Office of the Provost at Duke University. Find out more about the Duke Climate Commitment.

Episode Trailer