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S2 Episode 1: Can Government Really Change?

One thing remains constant in our political discourse: talk of how much we need to change. Every four years, candidates for office make their pitch to voters, including a laundry list of things they promise to change once elected. In this episode of Ways & Means, Dan Ariely, James. B Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, talks about what gets in the way of change in government, and what we need to know about ourselves to make something new work.

NOTE: Dan Ariely hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit as a part of our season premiere. Look at the questions he answered here.

We referenced this episode of the Glad You Asked” podcast in the story. We also referenced this essay, about an effort to start an innovation lab at the local level, in Durham, NC. If you’re interested in local government innovation, here’s a short conversation on the topic.