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Climate Change Miniseries

A new season of Sanford’s award-winning documentary podcast, Ways and Means, premieres Wednesday Feb. 20, 2019!

The podcast launches with a 4-part series on the topic of climate change.

How Parenthood Affects Climate Change skeptics: We look at new research into what it takes to turn climate change skeptics into climate change believers. Listen | Transcript >>

A Greener Commute: We team up with the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke to explore how cities can use policy to nudge commuters into doing the right thing for the climate. (Their idea actually won a million dollar prize from Bloomberg Philanthropies!) Listen | Transcript >>

A Small, Green idea to Power Rural Nepal: We head to Nepal to look at how to bring power to places in the developing world where the electric grid simply can’t yet go. Listen | Transcript >>

Adding up the Bill for Climate Change:  Climate change is affecting both nature and the economy. Who will take the hardest hit financially as the world heats up, and can anything be done about it? Listen | Transcript >>

Listen to the series preview:

Duke people featured in the series include:

  • Assistant Professor Robyn Meeks
  • Associate professor Megan Mullin
  • Professor Subhrendu Pattanayak
  • PhD candidate Emily Pechar
  • Professor Billy Pizer
  • Joseph Sherlock, Senior Behavioral Researcher, Center for Advanced Hindsight

Please join listen to the Ways & Means podcast miniseries featuring policy ideas for understanding and dealing with our changing climate.

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