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Short Takes

These bonus conversations, hosted by Deondra Rose of Polis: Duke’s Center for Politics relate to Season 5 episodes.

Short Takes: Bruce Jentleson

Host Deondra Rose talks with professor Bruce Jentleson. Jentleson’s work was the basis for the episode Secrets of Great Political Leadership.


Short Takes: Kristin Goss

Host Deondra Rose talks with Professor Kristin Goss, whose work was featured in the episode The Battle over Guns in America.

Short Takes: John Holbein

Host Deondra Rose talks with John Holbein of the University of Virginia about his research featured in the episode  Why Young People Don’t Vote – And How to Change That


Short Takes: Carolyn Barnes

Host Deondra Rose talks with Carolyn Barnes about her research into how government-funded programs can help parents become politically engaged rather than leaving them feeling as if their voices don’t matter. Barnes’ work was the topic of the Ways & Means Podcast episode: How Afterschool Programs Can Empower Parents.


Short Takes: Phil Napoli

Host Deondra Rose interviews professor Phil Napoli about his recent episode When Local News Dries Up. The two scholars discuss reasons behind and potential solutions for the shortage of local news in America.


Short Takes: Sandy Darity

Professor Deondra Rose interviews Professor William “Sandy” Darity Jr. about his research featured in the episode Reparations: How it Can Happen.


Music for all episodes: Blue Dot Sessions. CC Attribution, Non-Commercial License