Short Takes

Short Takes: Carolyn Barnes

In this “Short Takes” episode, host Deondra Rose talks with Carolyn Barnes about her research into how government-funded programs can help parents become politically engaged rather than leaving them feeling as if their voices don’t matter. Barnes’ work was the topic of the Ways & Means Podcast episode: How Afterschool Programs Can Empower Parents.

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Short Takes: Phil Napoli

Sanford professor and Short Takes host Deondra Rose interviews professor Phil Napoli about his recent episode on Ways & Means: When Local News Dries Up. The two scholars discuss reasons behind and potential solutions for the shortage of local news in America.

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Short Takes: Sandy Darity

Professor Deondra Rose interviews Professor William “Sandy” Darity Jr. about the research surrounding reparations. The two scholars take a deep dive about Ways & Means Season 5 Episode 1: “Reparations: How it Can Happen.”

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